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Name:Jaenelle, Queen of Ebon Askavi {Black Jewels}
Jaenelle Angelline is the most powerful Queen in Blood history, and Dreams Made Flesh - Witch. Jaenelle's Court is referred to as the Dark Court. Her Birthright consisted of thirteen Black Jewels and a Jewel of every color before that, to cut her Craft baby teeth on; after making the Offering to the Darkness, she obtained six Ebony Jewels. She is one of the rare triple-gifted witches, as she is a Queen, a Black Widow, and a Healer, all naturally.

Raised as the daughter of Leland and Robert Benedict, Jaenelle is actually the child of Leland and Phillip Alexander. She is the younger child of the household: her sister Wilhelmina Benedict is two years older than her. A quirky, gifted child, Jaenelle was always a problem child. She was considered mentally damaged and uppity, because the family believed she was a witch who didn't wear Jewels and she was always blatantly honest about anything and everything. She was in and out of Briarwood (a home for mentally damaged Aristo children) all of her childhood. As the events shaped her, she grew more and more distant, more accusatory from her blood relatives. She grew farther from her blood relatives because of their treatment, and closer to her adopted family because of their unconditional love.

She met Lucivar Yaslana for the first time when she was seven, and he made her promise not to wander in Terreille by herself. He promised that he'd meet her again when she's seventeen, which he does. He knew what she was and was afraid she would be caught and killed by Dorothea SaDiablo. So she wandered in Kaeleer instead, where she ultimately met and bonded with the children that would grow up to be her First Circle. She met Saetan SaDiablo when she was seven years old. He became her Craft teacher, and another of her friends. Her visits were sporadic at best, and sometimes she would disappear for months at a time.

When she was twelve years old, she met Daemon Sadi for the first time. He was a pleasure slave who had been loaned out to her grandmother's Court. Daemon understood who and what she was when he first saw her, even if he was surprised at how young she was. His presence, though, started the series of events that would lead her out of Chaillot and to Kaeleer.

Jaenelle suffered a violent rape at the hands of Greer at Briarwood. This event led to her ultimate removal from Terreille. Saeatan petitioned to the Dark Council for parental privledges for Jaenelle, and was granted them. However, Jaenelle's spirit had fled deep into the Abyss after she'd been tricked by Daemon to heal her body. She remained out of touch with her own body for over two years. She was almost fifteen when she finally woke up.
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